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About us

WO Beefmasters is situated near Vrede in the Eastern Free State. The main resource is grassland and we utilize Beefmaster cattle  to convert the grass into money. The stud is one of the first Beefmaster studs in the country.

The selection criteria is very strict and based on the Lasater breeding  principles . Each cow must calf from the age of two years and must then wean a good calf every year thereafter. The base of the herd was established in the early 1980’s when Willem Odendaal used imported Beefmaster semen from the USA on crossbred cows and imported Zimbabwean Beefmasters.

Every year the best bulls were intensively used in the herd and predictable linebreeding was developed. This is still the norm today. New genetics are used to refine certain traits. While breeding for economic efficiency a good looking animal was developed that are used by a numerous of breeders around the African continent with great success.